[VIDEO] Igramo Star Wars: The Old Republic „The Black Talon“ flashpoint

Vladimir je nagovorio Jelenu da instalira The Old Republic, te je nakon prve planete došla na red Flota i prvi (imperijalni) flashpoint – The Black Talon.

„On the edge of the Empire’s borders, a small skirmish has taken place between Imperial cruisers and Republic forces. During the battle, a Republic warship carrying an Imperial defector slipped away and is now on a direct course for Republic space. The Empire refuses to risk letting valuable military secrets fall into enemy hands.

But the Captain of the Black Talon has refused the order, and now Imperial command has turned a group of loyal imperials who have procured transport on the ship. Their orders: take control of the Black Talon from the rebellious Captain, hunt down the damaged Republic warship and recapture the defector.“

Za poslednje Star Wars vesti pratite HoloNet na Fejsbuku i Tviteru.


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